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Electric Gate Repair McKinney is the top choice for any gate repair or installation you are looking for. We have been in business since 1989 servicing the McKinney, TX, and surrounding area. Electric Gate Repair McKinney offers same day service and emergency service. Electric Gate Repair McKinney want to be sure all of our customers receive their repairs they need quickly and professionally.Call Electric Gate Repair McKinney now at (214)615-0590. 1575 Heritage Dr, McKinney, TX 75069

Electric Gate Repair McKinney, TX

Electric gate repair is complicated and can be very costly by not using a professional technician. At Electric Gate Repair McKinney our technicials are fully trained, and experienced any repair or installation job we encounter.1575 Heritage Dr, McKinney, TX 75069 Electric Gate Repair McKinney uses only the best quality parts, service to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. Electric Gate Repair McKinney technicians will arrive to your home on time, assess the gate, and provide you with details in just a short time. The technicians come fully prepared to handle any repair issue you may have. Call Electric Gate Repair McKinney now at (214)615-0590.

Electric Gate Installation McKinney, TX

When getting a gate installed it is very important to get a professional to handle the task, whether it is to be Electric Gate Repair McKinney, or someone else who is experienced in the installing gates. This is a dangerous job and if not done properly can risk losing your warranty, and cause an accident if not properly installed. Electric Gate Repair McKinney carries a range of doors, and will advise and assist you in choosing the right door for you. Electric Gate Repair McKinney guarantees all of the work they provide and protect your warranties by proper installation. Call Electric Gate Repair McKinney now at (214)615-0590. 1575 Heritage Dr, McKinney, TX 75069

Electric Gate Openers McKinney, TX

It is very important to get the proper gate opener installed or repaired by a professional technician like Electric Gate Repair McKinney. It is complicated to replace a gate opener and best left to those who are experienced professionals. 1575 Heritage Dr, McKinney, TX 75069 Electric Gate Repair McKinney understands the complication of gate openers and that not all openers work with every gate. Electric Gate Repair McKinney ensures that you will receive the proper opener to have your gate fully functioning, and install it precisly to maintain your warranty. Call Electric Gate Repair McKinney now at (214)615-0590.

Emergency Electric Gate Repair McKinney, TX

Electric Gate Repair McKinney knows that anything can happen at any time, that is why we provide 24 hour service to the all in McKinney, TX and surrounding areas. Electric Gate Repair McKinney is even open on holidays, so there is no need to have to wait to get your gate repairerd. Electric Gate Repair McKinney will be available for you any time, any day, give us a call at (214)615-0590 now and let our friendly staff assist you in your time of need.1575 Heritage Dr, McKinney, TX 75069.

Electric Gate Repair Services

Electric Gate Repair McKinney provides many different services. Here is a few we do:

  • Electric gate repair
  • Gate operator repair
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Service and lubrication maintenance
  • Electric gate installation
  • Opener installation
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Same day service
  • and more!

Electric Gate Repair McKinney is here to help you and the entire community of McKinney, TX with their electric gate needs. We have reputable and reliable technicians standing by to assist you. Call Electric Gate Repair McKinney now at (214)615-0590.

Gate Opener Maintenance

Service is suggested if any of the following occur:

The chain is very loose

If when the gate poen or closes, it slams against the post.

If a grinding or squeaking noise is heard.

The gate moves slower than it used to.

In any case we recommended having your gate serviced at least once a year, depending on frequency of use.


Servicing your gate should include the following:

Adjustments to chain tension (for slide gate) or springs tension (for overhead gates).

Hinge lubrication (if is a swing gate) or chain, guide rollers

and wheels (in case of a slide gate).

Monitoring of gate's travel time.

Confirmation that all safety devices, if present, function properly.

Confirmation that gate movement is free and that surrounding environment is nice and clean.

Safety Devices

Most gate operators are equipped with a built in reverse sensor. This sensor stops/reverses the gate when it hits an obstacle. if your gate is installed in a commercial property (residental buildings with more than four units are also considered a commercial property), you are required to have at least two safety devices installed (UL-325 industry standard).

Even though you don't have to, we recommend having an additional safety device installed, to completely prevent contact. Your gate operator might already have the reverse sensor, but before it will reverse it will possibly cause damage to your vehicle. For a relatively small investment you can prevent this from happening.

These are a few of the most common safety devices available today:

Photo-eye. The photo eye sends and receives a signal across driveaway, when this signal breaks your gate reverses.

Loop sensor. The loop sensor is installed under your driveway, and using a magnetic field detects your vehicle.

Miller-edge. This touch-activated sensor sends an immediate signal to your operator to reverse.